Trust & Estate Administration

Aid During A Difficult Time

The administration of an estate can be a complicated, lengthy process. It can be made simpler with advance planning, but to be done correctly, it requires an attorney who can provide a certain level of care and attention. When the estate involved has more detailed planning, especially regarding wealth and tax planning measures, the need for an experienced attorney is even greater.

Our lawyers bring more than 75 years of combined experience to our practice, which is focused exclusively on matters relating to trusts, estates and their administration. Our lawyers are prepared to help you through this process, no matter how complicated your situation.

Making Trust Estate Administration Understandable For Our Clients

We work to guide our clients through the estate administration process , from beginning to end, including:

  • Representing our clients in probate court, if necessary. Generally, every will-centered estate plan and some revocable trust-centered plans require probate. We can serve as your representative in probate proceedings.
  • Timing of distributions. This depends on the plan but may require evaluation and analysis to properly distribute inheritances.
  • Preparation of estate tax return. Particularly with complex estates, estate tax returns are often complicated and require attention to detail and formed by experience.
  • Creation of trusts. Many estate plans include the creation and funding of trusts for beneficiaries.
  • Trust Administration. We prepare trust accountings and other documents pertaining to trust administration. We assist with the qualification of trustees.

The process can be complex and, it is important to have an attorney by your side to help you navigate this process.

Speak With An Experienced Trust and Estate Administration Lawyer

Most of our attorneys on our team are licensed to practice law in both Connecticut and New York, and can help you administer an estate. To speak with an attorney call our office at 203-661-1110, or you can submit a message through our online form.